ZIP Password Recovery Kit

Recover ZIP passwords at speed of over Million passwords per second on right infrastructure

Password Search Speed upto 1 Million words/second

Clean UI Design

Simple and Clean design helps to focus on your session.

Simple & Easy Setup

Setup the software within minutes of downloading from our website.

Help & Support

For those moments where you just aren’t quite sure, our documentation is ready. We're also standing by to answer any questions you may have.

Bruteforce Method of Recovery

Supports Brute Force method of recovery where all combinations are tried.

Dictionary Method of Recovery

Use our list of common passwords or choose a list which you have to search using Dictionary Method of Recovery.

Detailed statistics

While recovering you will get detailed statistics of the session in progress like speed, total and current count,  words being searched.

Prefix and Suffix

Set prefix and suffix if you have any clue about them. This will reduce the time to search password.

Min and Max Length

You can set the min and max length of the password or go with the default setting. By default the software will do incremental search.

Customise the character set

You can choose the character sets to be used for searching the password. You can choose a combination of Numbers, Capital Letters, Small Letters and Symbols.